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        ◉    Amplified Photodetectors   &   Photodiode Amplifiers        

        ◉    Avalanche Photodetectors  :  Si   and   InGaAs APDs        

        ◉    High-Speed Photodetectors   and   Passive Modules        

        ◉    OEM : Amplified  &  Passive Photodetector Modules           

        ◉    Multi-Element   Photodetector   Arrays   &  Systems        

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       ☀ † All Products Designed and Crafted in the U.S.A.
       ✔ †  Integrated Photodetection Products & Solutions
       ✔ †  Si, InGaAs (NIR, SWIR) Photodiodes; kHz-GHz/ps
       ✔ †  Free Space & Fiber Optic Coupling (various)
       ✔ †  Single & Multi-Stage Amplification & Processing
       ✔ †  Custom Development for Research Applications
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†                Features & Options Common for all Module Products :

             ●  Available Spectra : 2600 - 1200 nm [SWIR] ; 1800 - 800 nm [NIR] ; 1000 - 350 nm [IR-Vis-UV] ; 1100 - 190 nm [UV]
             ●  Responsivity : SWIR : 1.1 A/W @ 2300 nm , NIR : 1 A/W @ 1550 nm , Vis : 0.5 A/W @ 800 nm , UV : 0.12 A/W @ 190 nm
             ●  Free Space OR Fiber Coupled : FC - UPC, FC - APC (with adapter cables), SMA, ST, etc.
             ●  Photosensing areas : < 0.1-mm diameter to 5-mm diameter (excl. GHz: 0.25 mm mx)
             ●  Module A dimensions (< 150 MHz) : 95 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm ( 3.75 in x 2.4 in x 1 in )
             ●  Module B dimensions (> 300 MHz) : 60 mm x 47 mm x 24 mm ( 2.4 in x 1.85 in x 0.95 in )
             ●  2X mounting holes centered on linear 25-mm (1-in) spaced grid
             ●  Optional ISO M4x0.7 or SAE 8-32 steel screws epoxied to case
             ●  SMA 50-Ohm RF signal output with BNC-adapter optional
             ●  External Module Power Ī 15VDC (300 - 1000 mA) / Please See PS-15XX Series
             ●  OEM (bare) Format Module Packages Available

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